Welcome to The Positive Position!

Hey! This is my blog called The Positive Position. It’s a hockey and San Jose Sharks centered blog where I share my thoughts and texts about the current events and things happening in the NHL and for the Sharks. I hope I can give something to think about in my texts so that you can join in the discussion also. There are tons of people who I can for sure learn from and that’s the big picture here. If you’re reading this, I bet I can learn something from you too. So feel free to comment what you think.

Then to the content itself! I’m interested in a quite wide scope of different things concerning hockey. So here are those things that at least I’ve planned to write on this blog:

  • General opinion pieces
  • Capfriendly’s Armchair-GM trade reviews
  • Sharing of hockey podcasts, books and videos
  • Rankings, lists, projections and gradings
  • Attempts to open what the CBA rulings mean exactly
  • Current hockey topics and news
  • Game and player reviews
  • Prospect and draft talks

If there’s something that makes you interested, great! If not, you can tell me what you’d like to read on and maybe I can try to find a way to implement them here also.

So as you see, I want to have my own deeper dives and texts here so that it’s easier to read as a longer text. Quick comments and opinions on different matters are going to happen on my Twitter account so if you want to follow me there. I have a Twitter widget on the sidebar you can use to get into my profile. My handle is my full name: @TeemuViikeri. I’m the only Teemu Viikeri in the world so I shouldn’t be that hard to find on Twitter.

I’m really pumped up to get this started. Let’s see what this brings.


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